Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does one know if a security company is operating within the guidelines of state law?

All California contract security companies like Expert Security Services, Inc. are governed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) within the Consumer Affairs Bureau. There is an extensive licensing process that a company must go through in order to obtain a license. That license is called a Private Patrol Operators license (PPO) and is only issued to companies who have past the stringent testing and licensing procedures. Once the Bureau approves the company, it is issued a PPO license and is certified to operate. Expert Security Services, Inc. proudly displays its licensing at corporate headquarters for prospective clients and others to examine at their leisure.

2.Do the guards at Expert Security Services, Inc. go through any type of testing to be certified as a security guard?

There are general requirements that all guards working in the State of California must meet and pass. The guard must be at least 18 years of age and undergo an extensive criminal history check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Along with the background check, the guards must attend a certified security guard school or program, complete 40 hours in courses including, but not limited to, Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction. That course of study must be completed within the first 6 months of the guard’s employment. Expert Security Services, Inc. examines all certifications of the prospective guards, ensures that the training and examinations were done at a certified training facility and if need be, provide additional training based on the needs of the clients.

3.Does Expert Security Services, Inc. provide both uniformed and non-uniformed security guards?

Expert Security Services, Inc. provides both uniformed and non-uniformed guards for its clients. Depending on the client’s needs, location, and risk assessment, either a uniformed or non-uniformed security guard will be placed. It should be noted that all of Expert Security Services, Inc. uniforms have identifying patches on both shoulders, a badge on the front of the uniform, and meet the requirements of BSIS.

4.Can Expert Security Services, Inc. provide both unarmed and armed guards?

Depending on the type of security needed, Expert Security Services, Inc. can provide both armed and unarmed guards or a combination of the two to ensure the client is safe and sound and free from incidences of crime. It should be noted that all armed guards must possess armed certification, pass additional background checks, qualify with his or her firearm quarterly, and upon demand, show the certification by the State of California that they are legally able to carry the weapon. In addition to state laws, all armed guards are tested verbally on the drawing and exhibiting of a weapon and the safety requirements of maintaining his/ her weapon.

5.Are guard companies required to carry their own liability insurance and work comp insurance policies?

As part of the requirements for obtaining a PPO license from BSIS and the Bureau of Consumers Affairs, all contract security companies must carry liability and work comp insurance. Expert Security Services, Inc. carries both policies and if need be, can also add each and every one of its clients to the policy as insured.

6.Does Expert Security Services, Inc. provide additional training for their guards on a regular basis?

Expert Security Services, Inc. prides itself on preparing their respective guards prior to them working at a particular post or location. Training is done not only off site but on site as well. In addition, Expert Security Services, Inc. provides an opportunity for all of its guards to visit our website, pick a number of courses that they wish to take. Once completed, the guards are issued a certificate of completion, which is noted in their respective personnel packages.

7.Is law enforcement an active partner with Expert Security Services, Inc.?

In order to provide the best security for our clients, Expert Security Services, Inc. has developed a partnership with the various law enforcement entities in and around our client base. Because all of Expert Security Services, Inc. ownership is comprised of prior law enforcement experience and retired law enforcement personnel, it maintains a special relationship with the law enforcement community. The expertise of Expert Security Services, Inc. in understanding the community-based security and policing model has been recognized by various state, federal, and local law enforcement organizations.

8.Can Expert Security Services, Inc. provide consulting for our particular business?

Not only does Expert Security Services, Inc. provide security officers for various locations, but it also provides an extensive consulting service, which includes setting up security and safety plans, advising on camera and surveillance equipment, creating standard operating procedures in the event of an emergency, and strategizing on how to better work with various entities in order to make the client’s facility safer and the surrounding areas safer, as well.

9.Do you provide service throughout the state of California?

Expert Security Services, Inc. is licensed to provide security service to anywhere in the state of California. Depending on the location and the needs of the clients, a security plan can be implemented within a short period of time. Before the service is started, a site inspection is completed, recommendations are made, and depending on the client’s needs, a security detail is dispatched.

10.Security cost is always an issue, how does Expert Security Services, Inc. help keep the cost of security down?

Everyone at Expert Security Services, Inc. understands that security costs play a large role in the decision to bring on or keep a security detail. Expert Security Services, Inc. works with all of its clients and develops a strategy to keep costs down. Strategizing includes a limitation of overtime, a strict analysis of security times and where security may not be needed, and the reduction of security personnel when possible. Another concept that Expert Security Services, Inc. has developed is the creation of alliance groups so that the cost of security can be shared by a number of clients in and about the area. Business parks, Home Owners Associations, and Neighborhood Watch programs are all set up to help reduce the cost of security.